Hubbard Radio Video Production Services

Hubbard Radio Seattle offers high-quality video production services for all range of clients. We can take you from script, to storyboard, through filming, voice over,  post-production and editing or we can re-work and edit your existing video for new applications.

It doesn't matter if your target audience is on TV, YouTube or Social Media, we can help you create a video that will hook your viewers and convert them to customers.

Please take a look at our video case studies below and contact us with questions or to setup a consultation.

BJ’s Bingo

BJ’s Bingo was looking for a partner that could help them create a series of TV commercials that would run over multiple months. Hubbard Radio was able to film for single day and gather enough footage for an ongoing TV campaign.

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Collections Café :30

The Collections Café was looking for a video to represent all the stunning visual aspects of the restaurant’s décor and artist-inspired meals. They wanted to capture how perfect the venue is for locals, tourists, private groups, staff outings, and wedding festivities to drive reservations.

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Bellevue College

Bellevue College was looking for a video that would highlight how much they have to offer college students. They wanted to show that Bellevue College is a fun, positive experience and provides students with degrees for jobs they genuinely love.

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Olympus Spa

Olympus Spa was looking for a visual showcase of their business to pique the interest of potential customers. They understood how spa services are usually more appealing to audiences when they are shown in video and used this to drive more appointments.

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Hubbard Radio Seattle HR

Not all of our clients are external to the company. When management wanted to create a recruiting video for use on the Hubbard Radio Seattle websites & at Job Fairs, they didn’t have to look any further than their own team.

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Second Chance Prom

When Warm 106.9 put on Second Chance Prom they knew it was an event they were going to do every year. So our videographer captured everything: the band, the dance contest, the Madonna impersonator, the MCs & guests living out their high school prom dreams!

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Dr. Kim Okamura

Dr. Okamura needed a video to run as part of a YouTube pre-roll campaign, but didn’t want to shoot additional video. We were able to create a compelling video by merging stock photography, movement and an existing voice over track.

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Cole Aesthetic Center

Dr. Cole needed a video for a YouTube pre-roll campaign but his existing footage wasn’t quite right. We were able to take that footage, add addition stock photos and a new voice over track to create a new and improved video, ready for YouTube.

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The Gene Juarez Experience

Gene Juarez needed a video for YouTube preroll campaign. We took their existing video and recut it with a new voice over to create a custom set of commercials.

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